Meliae is a whimsical, childlike fairy nymph that wanders in the fringe. Often times, she crosses borders in moments she feels excitement traveling in the air. She learned how to travel in movements that not only made her transform but also made others act for her, picking up magic along the way. Sometimes, she’s an Ash tree eavesdropping conversations. Other times, she’s a nymphet playing tricks. She thinks Lolita was molded after her the same way she thinks countless artists think about her whenever they see the light hit a sunflower at 3’o’clock or a scene that consumes them. She is not always pleasant, her fucked up beauty arouses those that see the peeled bark, the papery feel for what it is. She writes the truth in rings overlayed with perspectives unseen. She turns to surrealism and impressionism when sadness overtakes her with the change surrounding each footprint and breath. She learned how to fight through the years. She did not want to fight. But she is not to be messed with. Lately, she feels trapped. Lately, she seeks to break the invisible threads. She thinks she’s the house spirit, where a part of her wood was built into the house. And until she finds that part, she will never be free.