Madame Karitas

Karítas (Nanna Gunnars) is a woman of mystery. She’s travelled far and wide, speaks several languages, has a lover in every port. She will flirt with anything and anyone, especially if it will get her what she wants. Through the years she’s gotten powerful connections in all sectors of the artistic community and will do anything to rise to the top.

She became the Madame of Rauða skáldahúsið, through an encounter with Hannelore Hafmeyja – one that neither of them will discuss. No-one knows what really happened. But Karítas runs the house, and Hannelore works the floor. There is tension between the two, an odd mix of mutual admiration, jealousy and competition.

Karítas has spent her life working hard, and now, as the madame of the House, she will make others work hard for her.