Paige Truesong (Jess LoMonaco)

Though her origin is unknown, Paige Truesong (Jess LoMonaco) been seen lurking through the ages – she’s experienced only as pure energy. If you round a corner and feel the need to scream the truth, you know you’ve entered her presence. If you are in a lover’s quarrel and you cannot lie any longer, you’re feeling her caress.

One foggy night, a siren’s call echoed through a magical grove of conifers, over mountains, and through the valley, sinking into the heart of the city Paige inhabited. That day, Paige headed to the harbour, to the sea that would carry her to Rauða Skáldahúsið.

“You need a gatekeeper. Someone to watch your door and keep you safe,” she told Hannelore. Paige felt the truth of these words run through her entire being — for that was Paige’s nature, to see the truth and seek the truth. Hannelore nodded. As she crossed the threshold, Paige knew she was home at last.

And so Paige Truesong became a part of the house, where she beckons to the lost and wandering: “Come, the gate is open.”